A gallery of on-set photos:

On the set of “Bazooka!” where we are all having fun (except for my 1st assistant director):



On the set of “G.I. JACK” during the scene where the main characters are sneaking around the villain’s house:



On the set of “Bazooka!” discussing camera notes with my 1st AC:

12474018_10205996439458548_1126943860306411619_o 2


Myself, my producer Robb Payne, and my hilarious lead actor LJ Ruth on the set of “Bazooka!” right after we wrapped. LJ’s mother was kind enough to bring that giant cookie cake!



On the set of “Jump!” as we are about to shoot another take of Arnold the dummy slamming onto the pavement. I had climbed to the top of the ladder and threw the dummy down, landing right in front of the camera (which was under the ladder). Perhaps not the safest rig, but it turned out great! Arnold the dummy is sitting comfortably in his director’s chair in the background, relaxing from a rough day of acting.